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Over half Syria's chemical arms surrendered

Syria has surrendered more than half of its chemical weapons arsenal, the joint mission overseeing the dismantling of the banned stockpile said on Thursday. "As of today 53.6 percent of the Syrian Arab Republic's chemical weapons material has been removed from or destroyed in the Syrian Arab Republic," the joint mission said. The mission of the United Nations and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said the milestone represented "important progress."

Israel on Syria strike: 'No comment'

JERUSALEM — There has been no comment by the Israeli government regarding reports that its military struck a missile storehouse in Syria in the early hours of Thursday. An unnamed White House official confirmed to CNN that Israel had attacked the cache at a military base near the northern Syrian port city of Latakia before dawn on Thursday. The Dubai-based Al Arabiya television network cited Lebanese sources saying Israel struck twice during the night, with a sea-launched assault aimed at the Latakia base and a second, undefined strike near Damascus.

Friends of Syria meeting highlights fractured opposition, hurdles to peace

'We are clear that Syrian President Assad has no role in a peaceful and democratic Syria,' British Foreign Secretary William Hague said after the meeting.

Senior Syrian rebel commander who defected from army killed: Activists

Syrian warplanes struck southeast of Damascus on Monday after rebel forces made advances in the area.

Damascus mortar fire hits near UN inspectors' hotel, kills child

Mortar rounds struck about 1,000 feet away from the hotel of United Nations staff and chemical weapons inspectors in the Syrian capital on Saturday, according to regime-controlled media. The blasts killed an 8-year-old girl and injured 11 people in Abu Roumaneh near Dar al-Salam School, the Syrian Arab News Agency reported on Twitter.

UN draft resolution on Syria: legally binding but lacks enforcement mechanism

The United Nations' draft resolution on Syria's use of chemical weapons has been released.

A group of Syrians satirizes the war ... and those who watch it (VIDEO)

As the Kafrnabel group produced viral content it gained international notoriety. But like everyone else, Syrian activists must navigate a media ecosystem that quickly tires of material and moves on. So they started making videos.

Syria chemical arms UN resolution could happen this week

A United Nations Security Council resolution on Syria could be passed as early as this week.

US weapons reach Syrian rebels

The flow of weapons is said to mark an escalation of US involvement in the Syrian conflict, and comes as the White House pulled back on plans to launch a military strike while negotiations continue over Russia's proposal to confiscate Syria's chemical weapons.
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