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Syria’s youth activists hail return of peaceful protests

CAIRO — Despite some violence, Syrian activists in exile welcomed the cease-fire and the return of peaceful protests against the Assad regime.

Crowd-mapping sexual violence in Syria

A new website by the rights group Women Under Siege uses so-called "crowd-mapping" to track incidents of sexual violence in Syria.

Jordan and US militaries developing plans to secure Syria WMDs

CAIRO — The Jordanian and American militaries are developing plans to secure a suspected stockpile of Syrian chemical and biological weapons, according to a report. Defense officials believe Syria has weaponized mustard gas, sarin nerve gas, and cyanide.

In Syria, UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos tours Baba Amr

CAIRO — Valerie Amos, the top UN humanitarian chief, arrived in Syria today and traveled to the embattled Baba Amr neighborhood of Homs. She toured the district with the Red Cross for 45 minutes after the aid group was barred from entering for days.
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