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Iran seeks revenge in Iraq for possible Syria strikes, US says

American intelligence authorities say they have captured Iranian instructions to militants in Iraq to strike US interests in Baghdad if Syria was attacked.

Obama faces uphill battle to convince Congress over Syria

Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel are set to testify Tuesday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the crisis in Syria and proposed military action.

Brawls erupt as nervous Israelis rush to find gas masks

Forget the school year. Forget Jewish New Year. If you are an average Israeli this week, you are mobbing a gas mask distribution center.

Kerry: Fatigue does not absolve US of its responsibility (LIVE BLOG)

US Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States must act on Syria, laying out the intel the US government has collected and adding that fatigue of war "does not absolve us of our responsibility." British Prime Minister Cameron said the UK would not be part of any military strike on Syria after British parliament defeated a measure that would have authorized such force.

Syria and the world according to Obama

Obama’s caught in the gap — now growing to a chasm — between his rhetorical flourishes and the stark pragmatism of his policies. Analysts say that's a result of his pursuing a pragmatic policy of defending US interests as he understands them.

Syrian rebel committee bans croissants as symbol of 'colonial oppression'

Legend has it that the delicious breakfast item was first made to celebrate a European victory over the Muslim Ottomans many centuries ago.

Islamic militants release hundreds of Kurdish civilians in Syria

Islamic militants in the Syrian town of Tal Abyad have released 300 Kurdish civilians on Sunday.

Syria crisis leaves a generation of young refugees in peril

Commentary: More must be done to end fighting and address suffering.
Syria 07 19 2013Enlarge
A Syrian girl next to the debris of her house in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib on Thursday. (Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images)
To send arms or not to send arms? That is not the question the United States should be asking to end the tragedy unfolding in Syria. Why? Consider Reema, a 12-year-old refugees. "I was at school when it was bombed,” she said. “Some of the children were killed. We all ran away." After her school was destroyed, she fled to Lebanon with her parents and four siblings. They live in a single room in an unfinished, rubble-strewn building. Wrenched from her home and confronted by horrific acts violence, Reema is my window into Syria. Like millions of Syrian children affected by this escalating war, Reema’s future is at risk—and she is why we must demand better from our leaders.

Syria Baath party reshuffles leadership; Syrian opposition leader Hitto resigns

The Syrian Baath party leadership was reshuffled on Monday with all 16 members of the high command dropped.
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