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In Israel, relief and frustration with Obama decision on Syria

JERUSALEM — Obama's decision to seek Congressional approval for a strike on Syria got mixed reaction in Israel.

Exclusive: In an ICU on the Israel-Syria border, 'we're seeing war on these kids'

NAHARIYA, Israel — It may sound like this ward belongs in Dante's Purgatorio, but in fact, a half hour south of Israel's northern border, it is part of a battlefield that is destroying Syria.

UNHCR predicts 700,000 Syrian refugees by 2013

According to the UK-based activist group the Syrian Observer for Human Rights (SOHR), yesterday was the deadliest day in the conflict - 304 people died.

Tide of Syrian refugees swells

YAYLADAG, Turkey — By road, the border was less than an hour’s walk from their villages, but 2,500 souls slowly crawled for two days in the broiling heat across the steep mountains. They feared for their lives all the way. The number of Syrian refugees has tripled since April, reaching 110,000 at camps in Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan, according to the UN. The actual count is likely to be “significantly higher.” GlobalPost reports from the Turkish border.
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