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Pakistan: Taliban kills 15 police in revenge for army offensive

Not only had soldiers killed 12 Taliban fighters in a recent operation, a Taliban spokesman claimed, they had then taken the "very dangerous" step of detaining the fighters' female relatives.

Hamid Karzai at Bonn talks: Afghanistan needs long-term engagement

Addressing some 1,000 delegates from around the world, Karzai said that while Afghanistan does not want to be a "burden" on its international supporters, it would require at least another 10 years of foreign help.

Hundreds gather to mourn killing of Afghan peace chief

Rabbani, head of the council that communicated with the Taliban, was killed by a bomb hidden in a turban of an insurgent he was due to hold talks with.

Afghan ex-leader's death threatens peace

KABUL — The murder of Burhanuddin Rabbani, former president and chief Taliban negotiator, leaves an unclear path to negotiating peace in Afghanistan.

Six dead as Taliban battle continues near U.S. Embassy in Kabul

"Nerves are stretched, and no one knows what will happen next," writes GlobalPost correspondent Jean MacKenzie in Kabul.

On Location: Swat Valley — Rehab for the Taliban

At a boarding school in Pakistan's Swat Valley, students are hitting the books and learning new job skills, but they are also learning something harder, how not to be Islamic extremists. 

Suicide bombers attack Afghan governor's compound, killing 22 (UPDATES)

While Parwan is considered a relatively peaceful region of Afghanistan. security at the governor’s compound had been reinforced after a recent attempt to kill the governor.

Afghanistan: Kabul's Intercontinental Hotel attacked by suicide bombers (VIDEO)

The attack reportedly began during dinnertime, when militants in civilian clothes burst into the hotel.

Pakistan: husband and wife team in suicide attack on police station

"The attackers were a husband and wife. We will keep carrying out attacks with different strategies," a Pakistani Taliban spokesman said.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates confirms U.S. has begun talks with Taliban on Afghanistan

Though the U.S. and Afghanistan governments have confirmed holding talks with the Taliban, the Islamist group has said publicly that there will be no negotiations until foreign troops leave Afghanistan
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