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"Butt dials" account for nearly 40 percent of New York's 911 calls

A new report says that New York's 911 services are troubled by delays and errors--including "butt dials."
A customer looks at a white and a black iPhone 4. (David Paul Morris/AFP/Getty Images)

People who keep their cell phones in their pockets run the risk of accidental pocket dials, also known as butt dials or butt calls. And 911 workers are starting to get annoyed.


Fragile Earth app shows effects of global warming

A new app by Collins Geo shows the impact of climate change on the planet using before and after satellite images from around the globe.

Google search terms linked to economic success

Online searches in countries with high per capita gross domestic product are more likely to search topics related to the future than the past, a new study found.

'Girls Around Me' mobile app shut down after privacy concerns

'Girls Around Me,' a popular app that tracks the location of women in your area, has been removed after controversy began to swirl about its potentially nefarious uses.

Google mistakes satirical April Fool's Day story for news

Google mistakenly placed a April Fool's Day blog post about Mitt Romney as a top news story.
Clone of Mitt romney debate new hampshire ron paul rick santorumEnlarge
U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA), at the Republican Presidential Debate debate at Saint Anselm College January 7, 2012 in Manchester, New Hampshire. (Win McNamee/AFP/Getty Images)
"It's obviously April Fool's Day and obviously satire."

EU makes a deal to end "rip off" roaming charges

The EU along with member governments agreed to a deal Wednesday to lower roaming fees that would see users charged less for calls, text messages and data services while traveling abroad.

Angry Birds Space takes flight with 10 million downloads in three days

According to a tweet by game maker Rovio, Angry Birds Space, the latest edition of the popular video game, has been downloaded 10 million times in three days.

Thermal cloaking may help soliders hide from heat sensors

French scientists have discovered a way to 'cloak' objects or people from heat sensors or thermal imaging devices.
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