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UK opens world's biggest offshore wind farm

Walney’s 102 Siemens turbines were installed in a record five months as part of the government’s push to establish the UK as the global leader in international wind.

Patient gets a new jaw from 3D printer

Doctors predict that transplants done with the help of 3D printers will become more common.
3D printerEnlarge
Product Marketing Manager of Stratasys Inc, Fred Fischer (R) and Vice President International Sales, Woody Frost stand next to the newly launched U-print 3D printer in Bangalore on July 30, 2009. Design Tech Systems, the sole country-wide distributor of Stratasys, organised the conference to launch U-Print, a personal 3D printer from their dimension series in India. (DIBYANGSHU SARKAR/AFP/Getty Images)
An 83-year-old woman has a new jaw made from titanium powder, constructed one layer at a time by a laser.

Google, Yahoo!, Facebook and others join forces to fight spam and phishing attacks

The Internet giants are teaming up with Bank of America, PayPal and others to improve authentication and tackle scams that try to trick users into giving away passwords or other personal information through official-looking emails.

Top EU official Kader Arif resigns in protest against ACTA anti-piracy treaty

Kader Arif, a French MEP and the European Parliament’s rapporteur for ACTA, said he had witnessed “never-before-seen manoeuvres” on the part of officials involved in preparing the treaty.

Plunging smartphone sales lose Nokia $1.6 billion

Nokia launched its first two Windows-based smartphones, the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710, in October, which it hopes will enable it to gain ground on competitors like Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android-based phones. 

Apple earnings: quarterly profits hit record territory thanks to soaring iPhone sales

The leap was largely due to US consumers snapping up near-unprecedented numbers of iPhones and iPads, with the introduction of the iPhone 4S helping Apple more than double its iPhone sales over the holidays.

Eastman Kodak's bonds fall as firm files for bankruptcy

Earlier this month the New York Stock Exchange warned Kodak that it could be delisted if it failed to get its stock price back over $1 per share

IBM scientists create 12 atom data storage (VIDEO)

One bit of data currently requires one million atoms, but IBM researchers in a California research lab have found a way to store one bit on 12 magnetic atoms.

Google scores biggest enterprise deal to date

The BBVA deal is part of Google's efforts to step up competition against rival Microsoft and take on the latter’s Office software by offering products accessed over the Internet.
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