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Fake Twitter chatter drowns out Russian protesters

Protestors tweeting anti-Kremlin sentiments using the hashtag #триумфальная (Triumfalnaya) were then effectively silenced by a barrage of pro-Kremlin tweets sent by a botnet of PCs.

German authorities plant spyware on citizens’ computers

BERLIN — It’s the stuff of modern nightmares...  

Indian children given free laptops

In a program that is the first of its kind in India – all children at government schools and colleges in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu will be given a free laptop.

Cyber attack claims victims worldwide (PHOTOS)

BOSTON — 72 organizations, including governments agencies and international companies, are on the hit list of the world's biggest cyber attack to date.

U.S. law enforcement uses Facebook searches as tool, without users' knowledge

There have been no challenges of any of the warrants on the grounds that they were a violation of a user's Fourth Amendment rights regarding unlawful search and seizure, but that may be because the users, as well as any friends with whom they are linked on Facebook and whose pages might have been examined as part of an investigation, weren't aware of the searches

Hacker group hits Apple with a small, relatively benign attack, but some see a warning

The data weren't connected to the more than 200 million customer credit cards stored with the iTunes vendor, nor were they linked to Apple's "cloud computing" project, but the breach showed that the wave of attacks carried out in part to embarrass big companies would continue, even after the abrupt early retirement of LulzSec last month.

LulzSec hackers leak more data, and then say bon voyage, ending high-profile 50-day spree

While LulzSec has claimed that its cyberattacks were carried out to raise awareness of poor security and to have fun, the group turned more political when it released material from the Arizona Department Public Safety as a form of protest against that state's immigration law.

From dot-com to dot-anything-you-want

One of the biggest changes in the history of the Internet is happening, as Icann, the organization that oversees the Internet address system, votes to expand the number of new website suffixes.

Vancouver riots: The shame and the blame spread online

The shaming and blaming related to the riots have spread like wildfire on the Internet, particularly on Facebook, as anger over the mayhem deepens in the city of Vancouver.

British juror who contacted defendant via Facebook is jailed for contempt of court (VIDEO)

Joanne Fraill, 40, revealed sensitive details about jury room discussions in her Facebook communications with an acquitted defendant, leading to the judge discharging the jury and the collapse of a multimillion-dollar drug case in Manchester, Britain.
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