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The Air Force has finally figured out what's wrong with the F-22 Raptors

After months of troubles with the oxygen system of the F-22 fighter aircraft, where multiple incidents of oxygen deprivation caused significant troubles and confused designers and leadership, the Air Force announced yesterday that they've traced the cause of the oxygen problems to a valve on a vest worn by pilots at high altitudes.

Microsoft in hot water over Skype spying allegations

Microsoft is in hot water after news reports that suggest Skype can now be tapped.

Firefox now encrypts all Google searches

Firefox has moved to encrypt all Google searches while using the browser.

Incoming Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announces pregnancy

Yahoo has hired 37-year-old Google veteran Marissa Mayer as its new CEO — and she's pregnant. Mayer was one of Google's earliest employees and helped create such overwhelmingly popular products as Gmail, Google News and Google Images.

500-million-year-old bacteria brought back to life in "Jurassic Park" experiment

Scientists have resurrected 500 million year old bacteria in a "Jurassic Park" experiment, Georgia Tech sources report - and although not the stuff of a Spielberg film, the discovery will likely add to our current knowledge of evolution and how it works.

Apple's Siri gets too many search requests wrong, study shows

Apple's Siri voice recognition technology gets a "D" for accuracy in searches.

Digital camera sales are slumping as smart phone cameras improve

Digital cameras may go the way of the dodo as smart phone cameras continue to improve.

Macbook Pro with Retina display: the reviews are in

Apple's Macbook Pro with Retina display is out and the reviews are mostly glowing.

The future of micro drones could get downright scary

For years now, rumors and sightings of insect sized micro drones have been popping up around the world. But they may not be rumors for long.
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