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Security worries worldwide after Kenya mall attack

"No one wants, when you go shopping, to be strip searched, to be interviewed in a room by a security guard."

Chatter: US embassies under threat

"Terrorist chatter" prompts the US to order 19 of its embassies to stay closed, Turkey announces the verdicts in its controversial coup trial, New Zealand's dairy exports start a food poisoning scare, and the world's first test-tube hamburger is for lunch.
Graphic. (Antler Agency/GlobalPost)
What we're hearing, right now.

UK pledges law change after deporting terror suspect

UK justice ministers pledged to change the country's human rights laws, after radical cleric Abu Qatada was finally extradited to Jordan, following an eight-year deportation saga. Home Secretary Theresa May told Parliament on Monday that she wanted to "remove the many layers of appeals" available to foreign nationals at risk of deportation, with potential repercussions for cases like Qatada's. May also indicated the U.K. might leave the European Convention on Human Rights, saying that "nothing is off the table."

Spain arrests 8 on suspicion of sending fighters to Syria

Spanish police in the North African enclave of Ceuta have arrested eight men accused of recruiting fighters for a Syrian branch of Al Qaeda, according to the Interior Ministry.

Boston Marathon bombings: a Pakistani perspective

Commentary: American values live; Pakistan gives impunity to criminals.
Boston bombing copley square 2013 04 26Enlarge
A makeshift memorial in Copley Square, near the site of one of the Boston Marathon bombings, on April 24, 2013. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)
Historic Copley Square is one of my favorite places in my adopted city of Boston. This is where, last month, we held a vigil against Shia killings in Pakistan. This is where runners at the Annual Patriots’ Day Marathon cross the finish line at Boylston Street past the majestic public library. And this is where, on April 15, two bombs exploded, disrupting the idyllic scene of the marathon on a crisp, sunny Monday afternoon.

Abu Qatada released on bail as UK vows to pursue extradition

Abu Qatada, a radical Muslim cleric and suspected terrorist, has been freed from jail in Britain after a bid to extradite him to Jordan failed.

Chatter: Afghanistan suicide bombing targets foreigners

An Afghan suicide bomber claims "revenge" for the anti-Islam movie, Mitt Romney wishes what happened at the fundraiser stayed at the fundraiser, and Chinese protesters are extra-special angry at Japan.
Graphic. (Antler Agency/GlobalPost)
An Afghan suicide bomber claims "revenge" for the anti-Islam movie, Mitt Romney wishes what happened at the fundraiser stayed at the fundraiser, and Chinese protesters are extra-special angry at Japan.

Baader-Meinhof gang member Verena Becker jailed for 1977 murder of prosecutor

Verena Becker was convicted as an accessory to the murder. The shooters have never been identified.

Triple threat: Coordination suspected between African terrorist organizations

Despite scant evidence, government officials are concerned by potential operational links between Al Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb, Boko Haram in Nigeria, and Al Shabaab in Somalia.
Al qaeda boko haram al shabaab terror coordinationEnlarge
A car lies upside-down, vandalized on June 17 by Christian mobs in reprisal for a suicide bomb attack. Nigeria's Boko Haram Islamists claimed responsibility for suicide attacks on three churches that sparked reprisals by Christian mobs who rampaged and burned mosques, killing least 52 people. (Victor Ulasi/AFP/Getty Images)
NAIROBI — The top US military commander for Africa has warned that Al Qaeda affiliates are seeking to strengthen ties across the continent. General Carter Ham, commander of the US Africa Command (AFRICOM), described Nigeria's Boko Haram, Somalia's Al Shabaab and the Saharan Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb as "dangerous and worrisome" but added that there were signs the groups were trying to coordinate their activities.

Mombasa terrorist attack 'imminent,' warns US Embassy in Kenya

The warning comes shortly after police in the port city seized chemical substances that they suspect were to be used to make explosives.
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