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Mother of arrested "al-Qaeda sympathizer" apologizes to New Yorkers

At the time of his arrest Pimentel, also known as Muhammad Yusuf after converting to Islam, had been under police surveillance for more than two years. He had come close to completing at least three bombs.

Germany: Neo-Nazi terrorist gang linked to 10 murders

The gang members called themselves the "National Socialist Underground" after Adolf Hitler's National Socialist (Nazi) party.

Fort Hood shooting: Families sue US Army for $750 million

The lawyer representing the families says it was "inexcusable" that the Army allowed Nidal Hassan to continue in active service, despite signs of his growing Islamist radicalization.

Iran's US terrorism claim: Tehran to send 'proof' of US-led plots to UN

Tehran will send the alleged evidence to Ban Ki-moon and reserves the right to charge Washington in an international court of law, according to security chief Saeed Jalili.

Iran claims to have proof of US-led terror plots

The supposed evidence is so explosive that it will bring down the US government, according to Iranian lawmakers.

Terrorist Plot: Four elderly men charged in Georgia

Four elderly men will appear in court in Georgia Wednesday after they allegedly told undercover informants of their plans to attack federal buildings in the Atlanta area with explosives and a biological toxin.

Suspected Real IRA arms dealer jailed in Lithuania

Michael Campbell, a suspected member of the Real IRA terrorist group, was convicted after undercover agents filmed him buying weapons and explosives that he said he wanted to use against Brits.

Hundreds gather to mourn killing of Afghan peace chief

Rabbani, head of the council that communicated with the Taliban, was killed by a bomb hidden in a turban of an insurgent he was due to hold talks with.

Obama, in radio address, says U.S. "remains vigilant" about terrorist threats (VIDEO)

"They wanted to terrorize us, but, as Americans, we refuse to live in fear," Obama said in his weekly radio address Saturday.

California school evacuated due to bomb scare

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