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Dallas zoo gorilla to be sent to therapy for antisocial attitude

Patrick the gorilla may have been a favorite among Dallas zoo patrons, but he was considerably less popular among his own kind.

TamponGate: Texas Senate issues ban on feminine hygiene products

The Texas Senate barred women from bringing feminine hygiene products into the Senate Chambers Friday — provoking a social media uproar and an exceptionally swift retraction of the policy.

Wendy Davis: Texas Gov. Rick Perry is 'bullying' women (VIDEO)

Davis vowed she would fight her state’s strict abortion bill "with every fiber I have to keep it from passing.”

Mass confusion in Texas over Senate vote on abortion bill

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis may have successfully performed her 13-hour-long filibuster against a new abortion bill that would make her state among the toughest in the nation on the controversial issue.

Body of teen killed by flooding found in San Antonio

The body of a San Antonio teen was identified by search teams on Sunday, after he was swept by the swollen waters of Cibolo Creek on Saturday as he tried to swim across.
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