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The hungriest places on Earth

Between 2010 and 2012, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 870 million people did not eat enough to satisfy their bodies’ daily requirement of energy. This Thanksgiving, like every Thanksgiving, the average American will eat far more than he or she needs to. The average daily caloric intake of an American is now 3,700 calories. On Thanksgiving, that average jumps to 4,500.

Turkey prices gobble up more of Thanksgiving budget

Thanksgiving turkey sees highest price hike this year. 

Black Friday sales hit record, preliminary reports say

Black Friday may have reaped big benefits for major retailers across America. Preliminary reports show that sales hit an all-time record on the famous shopping day.

US troops spend their last Thanksgiving in Iraq

As US troops prepare to leave Iraq by year's end, military bases across Iraq are celebrating Thanksgiving with a traditional turkey dinner - and some rocket fire.

Top 10 most obese countries in the world (PHOTOS)

The WHO has classified the world’s most obese nations by the percentage of the population with a BMI over 25.

Obesity: Not just a Thanksgiving problem (PHOTOS)

Flip through the slideshow to see the world’s top 10 most obese countries, according to WHO statistics.

Black Friday: Occupy protesters to hit big chain stores

This week the protesters will occupy parking lots rather than campuses and Zuccotti Park, in hopes of pushing consumers away from shopping malls and big chains, towards local, small businesses.

American immigrants quickly learn how to gain weight

BOSTON — “In a couple of years [refugees] go from such lack of nutrition to the other side of the spectrum, because suddenly they’re in America, with an abundance of cheap, unhealthy food."

Some South Africans wonder: Has freedom made us fat?

Salome Kruger, an obesity expert at South Africa’s North-West University, said the weight and diet problems are largely related to an emerging population of young adults having money for the first time.
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