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Mexico's government says this time it really killed 'craziest' kingpin

MEXICO CITY — The first time Mexican officials said they’d killed crime lord Nazario Moreno, few locals in the towns he terrorized believed it. Turns out the locals were right.

In Honduras vote, new lesson in how the drug war steers politics

MEXICO CITY — Odds are Honduras’ new president won’t much improve his country’s dismal record in stopping the thriving trade in US-bound cocaine and synthetic drugs. Nor will it stanch the torrent of young Hondurans — as many as 100,000 a year, by one official count — migrating through Mexico into the United States illegally. Drug trafficking, murder and poverty all have spiked as the world economic crisis, street gangs and drug cartels have beset the country. The “hard hand” policies of outgoing President Porfirio Lobo, who won office following the ouster of Manuel Zelaya and is barred by law from seeking a second term, did little or nothing to change that reality.
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