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Gaddafiland? It's a small, dictatorial and megalomaniacal world after all

Hoping to erase all relics from 40 years of dictatorship, Libyan tourism officials said on Tuesday they plan to transform Muammar Gaddafi’s demolished compound into an amusement park. Bab al-Aziziya is now mostly rubble where it once held a sprawling compound for the now-slain Gaddafi and his inner circle.

Libya’s ‘Committee of Wise Men for Negotiation’

OBARI, Libya — Recognizing the need to bring all of Libya’s disparate groups under one flag, the country’s transitional government has dispatched a team of roving peaceniks — made up of local leaders, intellectuals and government officials representing all of Libya’s racial groups — to reconcile Libya’s various tribes and clans over the coming months. They are known as the Committee of Wise Men for Negotiation.
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