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Japanese emperor will break burial tradition by being cremated

Japanese Emperor Akihito and his wife intend to break an ancient imperial burial tradition, and are requesting that their remains be cremated and placed in a simple tomb when they die.

Tokyo nerve gas attack: Katsuya Takahashi, final suspect, arrested

Thirteen other members of the cult have been given death sentences for their role in the gas attack, which killed 13 people and poisoned more than 6,000.

Japan's escaped Penguin 337 back behind bars

The runaway Humboldt penguin spent more than two months livin' free.
Escaped penguin tokyo sea life park 5 3 2012 Enlarge
Wanted: have you seen this penguin? (Joerg Koch/Getty Images)

No fugitive can run forever. More than two months after it escaped from his pen in a Japanese aquarium, Penguin 337 is back behind bars.

Two Tokyo Sea Life Park keepers caught the runaway yesterday evening under a bridge over the Edogawa river in Ichikawa, on the north side of Tokyo Bay, the Agence France Presse reported.

The 1-year-old Humboldt penguin, known by its park ID number 337, had been living free since early March, when it tackled a 2-meter fence to make it into the waters of the Edogawa.


Fiber optic cables to join Japan and UK through Arctic

Receding ice in the Arctic has, for the first time, allowed the laying of fiber optic cables to cross over the top of the world to connect London to Tokyo.

Tokyo aquarium hunts for escaped penguin

The young Humboldt penguin was last spotted heading for the sea.
Escaped penguin tokyo sea life park 5 3 2012 Enlarge
Wanted: have you seen this penguin? (Joerg Koch/Getty Images)

Keepers at a Japanese aquarium have appealed to the public to help them track down an escaped penguin, last seen headed for Tokyo Bay.

Tokyo Sea Life Park declared the 1-year-old Humboldt penguin missing yesterday, the Japan Times reported. The alarm was raised by a sharp-eyed official at a nearby wildlife park, who spotted the – ahem – jailbird making a break for it down the Old Edogawa river.


High risk of major earthquake in Tokyo within 4 years, warn scientists

Scientists say Japan's last big earthquake has increased the risk of others. "It’s the same as when one person in a line of people holding hands falls – then those around him are likely to get pulled down too," said researcher Shinichi Saka.

On Location Video: Tourists return to Japan

Nine months after the worst nuclear disaster in the country's history, tourists are starting to come back to Japan.

On Location: Occupy Wall Street Occupies the World

Demonstrators in major world cities march in concert with New York City's Occupy Wall Street protests.

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