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Leveson Inquiry: Heckler David Lawley-Wakelin calls Tony Blair 'war criminal' (VIDEO)

"This man should be arrested for war crimes," claimed the man who burst into the London courtroom where Blair was testifying.

Obama and Cameron meeting: British pundits' take

Divergent views of Washington DC love-in
Special relationshipEnlarge
British Prime Minister David Cameron seems a bit overcome by it all during last night's White House State Dinner. British pundits are keeping an eagle eye out for signs that Cameron is succumbing to proximity to the imperial power. (Alex Wong/AFP/Getty Images)

When British Prime Ministers visit American Presidents pithy analysis flows among the British punditocracy like West Coast wines at a State Dinner.

Most of this comment is focused on the current state of the most over-used cliche in British journalism: "the Special Relationship."

A lot of the speculation focuses on it's dangers: "Is it more "Fatal Attraction" than "Love, Actually?" asked Channel 4's veteran Washington correspondent Matt Frei.


British government secrets revealed after 30 years

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was advised to abandon Liverpool following riots and argued for keeping an open mind on all courses of action in Northern Ireland
A burnt out car in Liverpool's Toxteth neighborhood from this past summer's rioting. Exactly 30 years ago riots tore the same area leading some members of then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's cabinet to argue that the city should be abandoned, according to papers released today. (STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images)
Newly released government papers from 30 years ago show a different side of Margaret Thatcher as she dealt with deep social divisions in the UK
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