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Mexican soldiers tortured American

El Paso man freed after two year ordeal
Mex soldiersEnlarge
Mexican soldiers fighting the war on drugs (Hector Guerrero/AFP/Getty Images)
Accusations of police or soldiers in Mexico torturing and wrongfully imprisoning suspects are so common that they rarely make news. But it does make a splash when the alleged victim of the abuse is American. Shohn Huckabee, a 24-year old from El Paso, was released from prison after almost two years when the U.S. Justice Department determined that he had been tortured in Mexican custody.

On Location Lebanon: Inside Assad's Dungeons

Two men tell stories of torture sponsored by the Syrian government.

Amnesty International asks Canada to arrest George W. Bush

Alex Neve of Amnesty Canada points to Bush's memoirs, "Decision Points," saying that the former president admits to authorizing the use of torture against terror suspects.

Amnesty documents deaths under torture in Syria

New report says at least 88 Syrians have died in detention since uprising began in what international rights group says are probable crimes against humanity.
Syria amnestyEnlarge
A Syrian protestor mocks being tortured during a sit-in. A new Amnesty International report says at least 88 Syrians have died in detention since uprising began. (RAMZI HAIDAR/Staff/AFP/Getty Images)

Amnesty International has documented the cases of at least 88 Syrians who have died in detention in Syria during five months of bloody repression of pro-reform protests, the majority of them after having suffered torture or other ill-treatment that caused or contributed to the deaths.

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