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Zimbabwe discusses opening 'Disneyland in Africa'

There's no Disneyland in Africa, but if comments from Zimbabwe's tourism and hospitality minister are any indication, a big-time theme park along those lines may be in the works for an area near the iconic Victoria Falls. Zambia and Zimbabwe are co-hosting this year's UN World Tourism Organization summit at a venue near the falls — an event prompting a big announcement from Zimbabwe's tourism top brass.

Bangkok: the world’s most-touristed city?

BANGKOK — At a glance, Bangkok seems a highly improbably candidate for world’s most touristed city. 

Stuck in Iran for the holidays

TEHRAN — In Iran around this time, people are usually looking forward to the glistening beaches of Southeast Asia or the thumping dance clubs of Istanbul. But this year? Not so much. Many Iranians, under pressure from economic sanctions, can’t afford it anymore.

Spain: A bit of good economic news

Tourism revenues were up significantly in 2011
Mallorca beachesEnlarge
Germany may have a great economy but Spain has great beaches as this German tourist in Mallorca would probably be willing to admit. (JAIME REINA/AFP/Getty Images)

Despite the trouble and strife around the world last year Spain's tourism industry recorded very solid growth. In fact it is because of the trouble and strife that Spain's tourist numbers went up by 8.1 percent.

The political unrest across North Africa meant that European sun worshippers forsook Tunisian and Egyptian beaches for Spanish ones.


On Location Video: Tourists return to Japan

Nine months after the worst nuclear disaster in the country's history, tourists are starting to come back to Japan.

Drug war shakes Los Cabos

Raw video shows Americans watching Cabo shoot out

On Location: Zambezi River

As river rafting season begins, Zambian guides say work with tourists is improving the lives of locals.

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