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The last days of Kenya's 'Lunatic Line'

NAIROBI — Were it not for a single, narrow-gauge railway track built more than a century ago, it’s fair to say modern Kenya as we know it wouldn’t exist. The idea of a massive rail project was considered so crazy back in 1896, when British colonizers began work on the track, that it was nicknamed the 'Lunatic Line.'

For just $10, you too can rent a tiny hotel room in China

Capsule hotels originated a few decades ago in Japan, and were originally meant to provide working men with an affordable option if they missed the last train home. The first capsule hotel was built in 1979 in Osaka. 

Air Passengers Will Pay the Price of Rising Oil: IATA

"These charges have to be passed on. For competitive reasons the airlines will be reluctant to be the first to do so. But as time goes on we will see upwards pressure on fares, if fuel prices remain high," he added.

No Man’s Land: 3 territories that are still unclaimed

When it comes to dividing up our planet, the politicians have pretty much thought of everything. But there are a few pieces of Earth that still need an owner, and they are up for grabs.

Emergency landing shuts runway at Heathrow Airport

A British Airways jetliner with 75 passengers on board was forced to return and make an emergency landing at Heathrow not long after it initially took off, closing runways and fueling speculation about what had caused the trouble.

Pilot locked out of cockpit of Air India jet

An Air India pilot was locked out of the cockpit of an Airbus A320 headed from Delhi to Bangalore after he took a bathroom break, forcing his co-pilot to make an emergency landing in the city of Bhopal.

Video of the Day: (Harlem) Shakes on a plane

The internet dance craze has taken to the skies.
The Harlem Shake has just joined the Mile High Club. Yes, the latest incarnation of the frenetic dance sensation that's taken the internet, and our hearts, by storm has reached a new height of popularity. And while the video has certainly received a fair share of attention on the web — it has also nabbed the attention of federal investigators.
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