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George Zimmerman arraigned, waives his right to a speedy trial

George Zimmerman was formally arraigned in a Sanford, Florida court on Tuesday, but did not attend his arraignment.

George Zimmerman unveils Facebook, Twitter, new website

The social media blitz is to “discourage speculation regarding the facts and evidence of the case,” a press release on reads.

Zimmerman can keep cash raised online, for now

Defense lawyer said a new website might be established to collect donations, because Zimmerman is still receiving offers.

George Zimmerman: 7 fascinating facts

Zimmerman is bilingual and, by age 10, acted as a translator between Haydon Elementary School administrators and immigrant parents.

Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee's resignation rejected by commission

City commissioners in Sanford, Fla., voted on Monday to reject the resignation of Police Chief Bill Lee over the Trayvon Martin shooting.

George Zimmerman released on $150,000 bail (VIDEO)

Zimmerman was fitted with a GPS ankle bracelet, so authorities will track his movements even if he leaves Florida to go into hiding. His passport was also confiscated. 

Trayvon’s parents to attend Zimmerman bond hearing, refuse meeting with accused

If special prosecutor Angela Corey wants to keep Zimmerman locked up, she might have to divulge details about the killing.

Trayvon judge Jessica Recksiedler recuses herself in George Zimmerman trial

After Judge Recksidler, Judge Galluzzo said he too couldn't be seen as impartial in a case involving O'Mara.

ALEC says it will no longer focus on gun laws

“We believe we must concentrate on initiatives that spur competitiveness and innovation and put more Americans back to work."
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