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China sends hospital ship to typhoon-ravaged Philippines

"With our efforts, we will make great contributions to the relationship between the Chinese people and the Philippine people," said Shen Hao, the deputy chief of staff of the East China Sea Fleet and the commander of the Peace Ark mission. "We will do our utmost to make contributions to the Philippine side."

These Instagram photos taken after Typhoon Haiyan are devastating

In the aftermath of one of the world's worst storms this year, Filipinos used Instagram to record colossal amounts of destruction.

Typhoon Haiyan: Using keywords and hashtags to help the Philippines

A new project combines computer-generated algorithms and volunteers to quickly sift through social media noise during disasters.
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A man sits amongst the wreckage of his devastated home in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan on November 13, 2013 in Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan, packing maximum sustained winds of 195 mph, slammed into the southern Philippines and left a trail of destruction. (Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

Since Typhoon Haiyan ripped through the Philippines on Saturday, reducing whole neighborhoods to rubble and killing an estimated 2,500 people, Sheena Opulencia hasn’t taken a break. 

When she finds a spare minute between meetings and phone calls for her job as an information manager for ACF International in Manila, she pulls out her smart phone and sifts through hundreds of messages and photos that have been posted on social media about the typhoon.

With the flick of her index finger she categorizes tweets calling for food, water and electricity. She rates photos of the chaos and destruction “mild” or “severe.” Flick. Flick. Flick.


Typhoon Haiyan: The situation is dire in outlying Philippine settlements

EAST SAMAR, Philippines — It’s been five days since mega-Typhoon Haiyan stampeded across the Philippine central islands, leaving hundreds of thousands stranded without shelter, desperate for food, medical care and other vital relief. Yet aid has only just started trickling in. While media attention has focused on destruction and looting in the provincial capital of Tacloban, the situation is particularly dire here in the more remote areas along the eastern coast.

Typhoon Haiyan: Filipinos deploy social media to ensure no victim goes unaided

MANILA — As the tropical sun rose over the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan blew out to sea, and the magnitude of death and destruction slowly came into focus, the Filipino masses responded with long-cherished national values. The country had weathered a storm of historic immensity. But the disaster-prone Pacific nation has been through this before, so often that local words and concepts help guide people through. On the lips and in the minds of the masses were terms like “bayanihan” — meaning a shared burden — and “kapit-bisig” — a linking of arms in solidarity.
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