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Uganda election: One voter's story

Uganda is the first sub-Saharan African nations to hold an election since the historic demonstrations that toppled longtime leaders in Tunisia and Egypt.

Uganda: Voting slow, security high

Voting was slow in Uganda’s presidential election Friday in which President Yoweri Museveni is widely predicted to extend his 25-year rule.

Oil, democracy, and Uganda

Today's elections are about much more than voting.
A voter in Uganda shows a blank ballot while waiting to vote. (AFP/Getty Images)

Elections are underway today in Uganda. The African country has been in the news for much of the past year due to its controversial laws on homosexuality, and the January murder of a prominent gay rights activist.

But that's not all at stake today.

As GlobalPost Senior Correspondent for Africa Tristan McConnell points out, the other main issue in Uganda is oil. The Rift Valley is full of the stuff, and Uganda's oil windfall is estimated to be worth $2 billion a year for the next two decades.

But along with a potential boost to Uganda's economy, oil money brings worries: Corruption. Environmental degredation. Complicated relationships with Chinese and other foreign oil firms.

Here's how Tristan puts it:


Uganda quiet before election day

Country has a hiatus from campaigning the day before presidential vote.
Uganda election museveni 2011 2 17Enlarge
(Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images)
Country has a hiatus from campaigning the day before presidential vote.
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