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Ukraine's acting president calls separatism a 'serious threat' (LIVE BLOG)

Opposition leader Vitali Klitschko said he would run for president, while Ukraine's parliament referred ousted Yanukovych to the International Criminal Court.

26 things found in Yanukovych's compound that make him look even worse

It has been a big day for Ukraine, and that's an understatement.  After months of protests, President Viktor Yanukovych fled his Kyiv residence on Saturday and was finally impeached.  Here's something that's not an understatement: what he left behind.

Protesters win a pivotal battle in Ukraine, but not the entire war

KYIV — After two days of relative quiet, Kyiv's Independence Square once again filled with the sound of explosions. But this time it was fireworks, not grenades. Saturday morning saw rapid-fire developments in Ukraine, each one seeming to dismantle more and more of the existing regime. 

Ukraine’s Yanukovych flees capital, Kyiv in opposition hands

KYIV — Protesters in Ukraine appeared on Saturday to have seized the country’s capital, wielding full control over central Kyiv’s government quarters and having reportedly taken over embattled President Viktor Yanukovych’s mansion outside the city.

Chicago's Ukrainian Village can't look away from Kyiv

CHICAGO — For many Ukrainian Americans, especially the older ones, the events in Kyiv this week have been painful reminders of past suffering, much of it at the hands of the Soviet Union.

Russia wants Ukraine for itself. What will it do to keep it?

MOSCOW — Russia has fought hard to keep Ukraine in its sphere of influence. But at what cost?

Europe's Ukrainian nightmare

LISBON — For the countries of the European Union, armed unrest in such a large and strategically important neighbor as Ukraine is a nightmarish prospect. A conflict with widespread civilian casualties would lead to pressure for international action — as with the eventual NATO intervention in Bosnia and Kosovo. Economic conflict is another danger. Finding a way back from the brink will not be easy.

How to make sense of the violence in Ukraine: 3 questions with GlobalPost’s Moscow correspondent

MOSCOW — The latest clashes in Ukraine’s ongoing political crisis have prouduced the worst violence the country has experienced since gaining independence in 1991, with dozens of protesters and police now reported dead. But how did we get here, and what happens next?

Who is that masked man? Meet Kyiv's Pianist-Extremist

KYIV — Masked men in combat gear have become a feature of the anti-government protest camp that has taken over central Kyiv, but one stands out for his weapon of choice — the piano.

Ukraine’s revolution grows radical

KYIV — Outward resentment by the protests' more radical groups of the country’s three main opposition leaders reflects the divisions within the increasingly angry anti-government movement between its formal parliamentary leaders and its various grassroots commandos on the ground.
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