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Ukraine's Greek Catholic Church stares down government, and wins

Perhaps sensing inevitable backlash, President Viktor Yanukovych has offered an olive branch to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church by saying religions should be able to offer services anywhere. The president’s press office issued the statement Tuesday after Ukraine’s Culture Ministry sent a warning letter to church officials about their work with pro-EU demonstrators.

Ukraine protests swell after prominent opposition leader's beating

An estimated 50,000 pro-Western Ukrainians massed on Sunday in the heart of Kiev amid swelling anger over the bloody beating of prominent former minister turned opposition leader Yuriy Lutsenko. The 49-year-old member of jailed ex-premier Yulia Tymoshenko's cabinet was transferred out of intensive care on Saturday evening after being attacked by truncheon-wielding police during a small protest the night before.

Ukraine opposition leader Yuriy Lutsenko beaten during renewed clashes in Kiev

Ukraine's ex-interior minister turned opposition leader Yuriy Lutsenko was in intensive care in hospital Saturday after being beaten in fresh clashes between pro-EU demonstrators and club-wielding police. A few hundred nationalist demonstrators protested late Friday outside a Kiev court that had earlier in the day sentenced three men to six years in prison for allegedly plotting to blow up a statue of Soviet founder Lenin near the city's main airport in 2011.

Ukrainian president denies ordering attack on journalist (VIDEO)

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych denied accusations Wednesday that he ordered thugs to ambush a journalist and beat her senseless in retaliation for stories that embarrassed his besieged government. “The statements of Tatiana Chornovol about the president of Ukraine’s involvement in her beating are groundless,” a statement from the president's office said, the Kyiv Post reported.

Ukraine takes protests to presidential palace

Ukraine's cycle of protests began anew in Kiev over the weekend, as an estimated 50,000 gathered at Independence Square.

Ukraine protests no matter for foreign government, President Yanukovych says

Political battles continued Friday in Ukraine, with European Union representatives chiding Russian interference and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych blasting foreign interference. A steady stream of foreign officials has visited demonstrators railing against Yanukovych’s decision to reject an EU trade agreement for a cozier relationship with Russia. Leaders from the EU, Germany, the United States and Canada have been spotted amid the protests.

News analysis: For Ukraine’s ‘revolution,’ no end in sight

KYIV, Ukraine — Revolutions are always messy business, but the situation in Ukraine — now entering its fourth week of political crisis amid massive street demonstrations — may best be described as a quagmire.

More than 100,000 protest in Ukraine over EU agreement delay

Protesters were met with tear gas and batons as they clashed with police while attempting to storm government buildings and throwing stones at officers.

Ukraine hit by media censorship and cyber attacks

KYIV — Watchdog groups here are warning that the consolidation of media in the hands of a few of the country’s wealthiest businessmen connected to President Viktor Yanukovych is stifling free speech and depressing media pluralism. They also say a so-called black PR campaign is damaging the reputations of the most influential journalists and independent news outlets, and that the two efforts are part of a single grand scheme.

Boxer Vitali Klitschko to run for president of Ukraine

"In order to put an end to various rumors and attempts to finish me off as a potential candidate, I would like to announce the following: I am running for president," Klitschko told parliament on Thursday.
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