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Ukraine: Yulia Tymoshenko to be released from prison for 'urgent' medical treatment

According to German doctors who were allowed to examine Tymoshenko last month, her condition has worsened to the point where an operation is no longer possible.

World Boxing Council bans Dereck Chisora indefinitely

Dereck Chisora has been suspended indefinitely by the World Boxing Council over a post-bout brawl with fellow Briton David Haye in Munich.

Russia and Ukraine try to protect homeless from freezing weather

As the death toll hit 169 on Friday, the Russian Emergencies Minister Sergei Shoigu ordered the creation of facilities to provide food and medical assistance throughout the country for the homeless, the Associated Press reported.

PHOTOS: Europe's deadly cold snap

A brutal high pressure system from Siberia is blowing eastwards across Europe, sending temperatures plummeting to -30 degrees Celsius and below.

Death toll in Eastern Europe rises as big freeze continues

“We are barely coping," says Bosnian villager, Radenka Jeftovic

Freezing weather kills more than 60 in eastern Europe

Temperatures have fallen as low as -33 degrees Celsius in parts of Ukraine, -31 in Bosnia and -30 in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

Yulia Tymoshenko's husband seeks asylum in Czech Republic

Tymoshenko was moved from a detention center to a penal colony and hundreds of supporters gathered in defiance of a court ban.

Mission underway to rescue Ukraine's "vodka bears"

New sanctuary created to help rescue Ukraine's "vodka bears," so named because they are forced to drink vodka and then perform in hotels and restaurants for money.
Vodka bears 12 15 2011Enlarge
Angel Angelv, center, with his colleague Todor and dancing bear 'Gosho' perform on the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria for small change. The bear is pierced through his nose and led on a metal pole, a tether that keeps him from attacking humans. (Kael Alford/Newsmakers/Getty Images)

An animal welfare group is on a mission to rescue dozens of "vodka bears" in Ukraine. 

The brown bears are so named because they are forced to drink vodka and then perform in hotels and restaurants for money.

"Bears can also be found with their owners performing to passers by at petrol stations throughout the country," the animal rescue group Four Paws International said.


Ukraine beer baths: the latest in alternative medicine

KONOPKIVKA, Ukraine — Beer bath-therapy is all the rage at this unconventional health spa. When in Rome ...

From trial to circus

KEIV — Welcome to the topsy-turvy trial of Yulia Tymoshenko — Ukraine’s former prime minister, current opposition head, Orange Revolution starlet and, possibly, soon-to-be political martyr.
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