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London be damned: Scottish artists project new cultural confidence

EDINBURGH — Scottish rock bands are becoming successful abroad bypassing the British music industry’s traditional style arbiters in London. Their success reflects a newfound cultural confidence that's sweeping across the art scene to theatre, dance and literature. It mirrors a drive for political independence, part of what its proponents say is a drive to reclaim the nation's soul.

UK royals: Topless anger, bottomless support?

LONDON — In the wake of the furor over the topless photos of Kate Middleton, you can be forgiven for thinking Britain is a country of outraged patriotic citizens furiously waving Union Jack flags in protest at the treatment of their future queen. But while some undoubtedly bestow mystic powers of infallibility on the somewhat interbred European aristocrats that Queen Elizabeth II counts as her ancestors, there are considerably more who are willing to hold the royal family to account.

Northern Ireland: Police hurt in sectarian clashes

This is the worst violence since a 2010 riot in Ardoyne that injured 80 officers.

The naked truth about Britain’s scandal-proof prince

LONDON — Far from destroying his reputation, saucy cell-phone snaps of him playing strip billiards in Las Vegas earlier this month made many believe the third in line to the British throne to be cooler than ever.

Fire in London is the largest in years, say officials

The 2012 London Olympics went out with a blaze Sunday, as the English capital saw the largest fire it had experienced in years.

UK economy falls deeper into double dip recession

The UK, which is Europe’s third largest economy, is struggling to climb out of the deep recession. It's economy shrank by 0.7% this quarter.

Murdoch inquiry: staff may have used data from stolen cell phones

Further details have emerged in the phone-hacking scandal that has engulfed tabloid king Rupert Murdoch's media empire.

Fifty Shades of Grey beats fastest one million sales record

Book sales monitor Nielsen BookScan said EL James’s novel – the first in a trilogy – passed the million mark in just 11 weeks, and has now sold 1,162,637 copies.

Queen and ex-IRA chief Martin McGuinness in historic handshake

The handshake comes 14 years after three decades of violence between pro- and anti-British forces in Northern Ireland came to a halt with the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

Briton arrested in Bangkok with roasted human fetus for black magic ritual

The arrest was made after police responded to information they received saying infant corpses were being offered to wealthy clients via a black magic services website.
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