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South Africa: Johannesburg university stampede kills one, injures 22 (VIDEO)

The crowd had waited throughout the night, and the stampede happened Tuesday morning just after the main gate was opened at the university's Bunting Road campus in the Auckland Park area of Johannesburg.

Schools out in Yemen

Students at Sanaa University are boycotting lessons and closing down the campus, saying the revolution must come first.
Yemen uniEnlarge
University students have closed down their campus in the capital Sanaa under the slogan: "“No education and no study until the president is ousted!” (AFP/Stringer/AFP/Getty Images)

As the uprising in Yemen has ratcheted up a gear and battles between forces loyal to the government and opponents of Yemen's regime rage on the streets of the capital, killing scores of people, students have closed down Sanaa University and are boycotting their lessons.

Protesting at the start of the new academic year, students have staged demonstrations inside campus over the past three days and put chains across the doors of many faculties leaving classrooms and corridors silent.

“We are youth demanding change and will not allow the government to use education as an excuse to end our revolution,” Abdul Nasser Wael, 22, a student at Sanaa University and a youth protester told GlobalPost.

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