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20 percent women, 100 percent effective

Commentary: We can stop the cross-aisle squabbling by electing more women.
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Senator Barbara Mikulski, a Maryland Democrat affectionately known by other female representatives as "Coach Barb," was one of the leading senators who helped strike a deal to end the government shutdown. (Alex Wong/AFP/Getty Images)
What are the odds that in a Congress 80 percent male, women would lead the way?

The shutdown is over (for now). What did it cost the economy?

You're not going to like this, America (and the rest of the world).
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BOSTON — There's been a lot of chatter the past couple days about what the 16-day US government shutdown will cost the world's largest economy. Standard & Poor's has something rather stunning to say on the matter.

Why Chinese actually envy the US government shutdown

HONG KONG — Perhaps the only people who have managed to find a silver lining in the ongoing US government shutdown are Chinese intellectuals. "The government's closed — is this bad?" one Sina Weibo user wrote.

The US is sneezing like crazy. Will the world catch a cold?

Analysis: Odd as it may seem, investors in Rio or Zurich or Hong Kong may have their financial decisions influenced by backwoods voters in Alabama or Texas, who, through the magic of redistricting, have been able to push an increasingly hard-line agenda on America and the world.

The incredible shrinking country called America

BOSTON — Well here's an amazingly horrific statistic: Fifty-four percent of Republicans polled by The Pew Research Center this week believe the United States government can "go past the deadline for raising the debt limit without major economic problems.” Aside from the pure partisan pique this poll represents, this majority GOP opinion is a worrying sign that the toxicity of America's political system is wrecking our economic standing in the world. And, yes, the world is paying attention to the ongoing farce in Washington, DC.

Government shutdown: ‘Utter insanity’

Analysis: Forget the panda cam. The inability of millions of Americans to monitor the progress of Mei Xiang’s adorable offspring at Washington, DC’s National Zoo will not be the worst effect of the US government shutdown that took force Tuesday. Rather, it’s the damage, real and potential, done to the image of the United States on the world stage.

19 government decisions as stupid as the US gov't shutdown

BOSTON — When it comes to government actions, there's plenty of stupid to go around. We asked GlobalPost's senior correspondents stationed around the world to recount some of their favorite examples. They did not disappoint. Palm, meet face.
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