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American aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln sails through Strait of Hormuz

Iranian patrol boats followed the ship and at one point came "within about half a mile" of the Lincoln, according to one journalist on board.

Anti-US, Israel chants at Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan's funeral

“Death to America!” “Death to Israel” the crowd shouted as they left their weekly prayers at Tehran University, where the dead scientist was a hailed a martyr in the tradition of Imam Hussein, a revered Shiite Muslim, Reuters reported.

Strait of Hormuz: US warns Iran to keep the waterway open

The president contacted the supreme leader through a secret channel of communication. Officials declined to describe the unusual contact between the two governments, or the possibility of an Iranian spy, The Times reported.

Iran's President Ahmadinejad visits Cuba

Ahmadinejad was greeted by Esteban Lazo, one of Cuba’s vice presidents, and nine girls dressed in traditional Iranian attire.

Amir Mirzaei Hekmati death sentence shocks family, US (VIDEO)

Hekmati is dual US-Iranian national, but Iran considers him only Iranian since the country doesn’t recognize dual citizenship, the Associated Press reported.

US Navy rescues Iranian boat held hostage by pirates

The rescue operation was performed Thursday by forces from the John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group of the 5th Fleet, which guided the USS Kidd.

Iran war games in Strait of Hormuz enter 'power phase'

"Different types of short and long-range coast-to-sea, surface-to-surface, surface-to-air missiles are going to be tested by Iranian vessels in this stage which will last until Jan. 2," according to local media reports.

Iran threatens to stop Gulf oil flow if West sets new sanctions

Iran issued a threat on Tuesday that it would stop the flow of oil from the Strait of Hormuz, the world’s most important oil transit point, if the West still attempts to impose an embargo on Iranian petroleum exports, Reuters reported.

Iran claims arrest of another CIA spy

In a statement given to state media, the unnamed male suspect was said to be of Iranian origin and working as an analyst for the American intelligence agency.

Access to US virtual embassy blocked in Iran (VIDEO)

Iranian users attempting to access the website on Wednesday were redirected to a collection of links to Iranian news, culture and religious websites, or greeted with a message in Persian that read "In accordance with computer crime laws, access to this website is not possible."
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