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These fake photos could be fanning the flames of protest in Venezuela

The protests in Venezuela are taking place on social media just as much as they are in person. Watch out for these fake images.

Venezuela's Maduro skips UNGA, citing 'death threats'

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro thinks someone in the United States is trying to kill him. He says that he cancelled his visit to the United Nations General Assembly in New York this week due to a plot against his life.

Venezuela frees then expels US filmmaker

CARACAS — US filmmaker Timothy Tracy, jailed in Venezuela after being accused of instigating unrest and espionage, was released from prison and expelled from the country on Wednesday.

Venezuela sends military to fight Caracas street crime

The plan, called "Secure Fatherland," is the country's latest attempt to lower violent crime in its capital city. It will create around 500 checkpoints around the city, and some 9,000 new police officers and around 1,600 National Guard officers currently in training will later join the program.

Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro sworn in as new president

Thousands of Venezuelan took to the streets of Caracas to support the nation's new president.

Venezuela sets April 14 date for presidential elections

Venezuela's electoral commission said that it will hold presidential elections to replace the late Hugo Chavez on April 14.

Chavez's strange circle of famous friends

The late Hugo Chavez had many enemies and a colorful circle of famous friends.

Venezuela refinery blast kills at least 39 (VIDEO)

An explosion at a Venezuela refinery plant has killed at least 39 people and injured 80 others.

Venezuela President Hugo Chavez resumes Cuba cancer treatment

Hugo Chavez, a close friend of Cuba’s revolutionary leader Fidel Castro and his younger brother President Raul Castro, has yet to disclose what type of cancer he has, fuelling speculation that his health may be worse than has been publicly disclosed. 

Hugo Chavez arrives in Cuba to begin radiation therapy

The 57-year-old had been recovering from surgery in the Cuban capital city of Havana on February 26 which he said removed a tumor from his pelvic region, following the extraction of a first tumor in June last year. 
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