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Has the myth of Chavez been broken?

CARACAS — Some Venezuelans woke up Monday jubilant, and perhaps a little hungover, after news of President Hugo Chavez’s re-election. Others were left questioning whether or not they should flee the country. “I’m not happy,” said Maria Gomez, an elderly woman waiting for the bank to open in a wealthier area of Caracas. “I really thought the better candidate would win. We’re dead as a country.” 

Venezuela: This gritty, clandestine video could ensure Chavez's re-election

CARACAS — The quality is terrible, even by hidden camera standards. The voices are barely audible and at least one face is completely obscured. What can be seen, however, in a video lawmakers here released Thursday, is a wad of cash changing hands to a then-top aide to Venezuela’s opposition candidate — the best hope they have had yet to topple President Hugo Chavez.

Venezuela: Chavez and Capriles commence battle for presidency

MARIARA, Venezuela — Last Sunday’s official campaign kick-off was more a symbolic waypoint than any significant transition in operations. The real campaigning has effectively been running on for months — arguably years, for Chavez.

Chavez swears in controversial defense minister

Alleged friend of FARC sworn in as head of military
Chavez rangelEnlarge
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez walks during the military inauguration ceremony of his new Defense Minister Gen. Henry Rangel Silva (not in frame) on January 17, 2012 in Caracas. LEO RAMIREZ/AFP/Getty Images (AFP/AFP/Getty Images)
A military General accused by the United States of aiding drug trafficking and pushing for co-operation between the Venezuelan government and Colombian left-wing rebels the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), was yesterday sworn in by President Hugo Chavez as the country’s defense minister.
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