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60 seconds on Earth: Parisian hipsters on bikes (VIDEO)

Parisian hipsters get all retro and ride old-timey bikes to recall an idyllic time, which they admit — zut alors! — never really existed.

Raw Feed: Kurds mourn murdered activist Sakine Cansiz but support peace.

The bodies of Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan, and Leyla Saylemez returned home to Turkey's Kurdish region after the three women were murdered in Paris. Of the thousands who gathered for their funerals, many said they support peace talks with Turkey.

The Earth Project: Monopoly Busting (VIDEO)

Local municipalities in Japan hope competition among energy companies will provide cheaper, greener power options

Online videos in China will be subject to more censorship, government regulators say

China's infamous Internet censorship is getting worse, and now popular online TV shows are feeling the heat. According to a BBC report, Chinese video websites must pre-screen and censor all original online content - or face the consequences.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai condemns video of US Marines 'urinating on Taliban bodies'

One of the men says in the video, “Have a great day, buddy,” while another asks if they were being filmed. 

Facebook teams up with Skype for free video calls

The strategy is to beat Google in the digital world
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