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Vladimir Putin sworn in as Russian president, again

"The future of next generations of Russians depends on us," Putin said in his inauguration speech.

Russia: Putin orders 'gardening' holiday for his inauguration day in May

Russia's Vladimir Putin has ordered a holiday in May that will officially give people time to tend their gardens — but will also coincide with his inauguration, according to Agence France-Presse.

Russia: Post-election protests continue in Moscow, with lower turnout (VIDEO)

"These authorities are illegitimate," organizer Vladimir Ryzhkov told the crowd on Moscow's central Novy Arbat. "The same people are in power, the same people who took away our right to choose, the same people who destroyed freedom of speech and political competition."

"Pussy Riot" Russian feminists arrested for punk rock show at Cathedral (VIDEO)

Two young mothers suspected of being in the band Pussy Riot were arrested Sunday night after a Putin protest. Activists criticized police today for targeting the women.
Putin banner 2012 02 01Enlarge
Opposition activists hang their banner reading: 'Putin, leave!' atop a bulding's roof, just over the Moskva River river from the Kremlin (foreground) in Moscow, on February 1, 2012 (-/AFP/Getty Images)
“Holy Mother, send Putin packing!”

Putin cries as thousands of Russians protest his victory, seeing election fraud

An independent inspector saw serious problems with the voting process.

Russia elections: Putin 'undecided' whether to stay in power for more than 20 years

"I don't know whether I want to stay [in power] for more than twenty years," Vladimir Putin said today. "I have not yet decided."

Putin to dominate the vote, whether it's fair or not

MOSCOW — Just a week before Russia’s presidential election, it is clear Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will dominate the vote, despite mass protests and government criticism.

Latvians vote on whether to adopt Russian

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Latvia will hold a referendum Saturday on whether to make Russian an official language alongside Latvian.
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