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Russia: Rival pro-, anti-Putin rallies bring out thousands in Moscow

The numbers of protesters reported Saturday varied widely. Moscow police said 33,000 people took part in the largest opposition demo, while the organizers claimed the number was more than 160,000.

"Myrrh drips from Putin Icon" according to cult followers

MALMO, Sweden — The cult that worships Vladimir Putin as a saint has announced that myrrh has begun to drip from its icon of the Russian prime minister.

Mikhail Prokhorov to challenge Vladimir Putin for Russian presidency

Speaking at a press conference Monday, Prokhorov described the decision to take on Vladimir Putin as "probably the most serious decision in my life."

China: Putin's "Nobel" prize

Chinese alternate to the peace prize given out.
Vladimir putin 2011 12 08Enlarge
Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Dec. 7, 2011. (Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP/Getty Images)

A Chinese group on Friday gave out its alternate to the Nobel Peace Prize, with two Russian exchange students standing in for Vladimir Putin, the AP reports.

The Confucius Prize first appeared last year, as a homegrown alternate to the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel committee infuriated official China when it awarded the peace prize to writer and free speech advocate Liu Xiaobo.

More from GlobalPost: Putin accuses Clinton of inciting protests

Liu, who is serving an extended prison sentence related to his activism, became the first Chinese citizen in China to win a Nobel, a fact not lost on a country that's known to be somewhat obsessed by the fact its citizens don't typically win the prize. Neither Liu nor his family were allowed to attend the prize ceremony in Oslo and he remains in prison

The Confucius Prize, which was mocked last year when it was given to a top Taiwanese politician, was initially shelved this year before being resurrected. The award to Putin on Friday coincided with a campaign by five former Nobel Peace Prize winners to pressure China to release Liu from prison.


Russia: Troops on streets of Moscow to police post-election protests

Eyewitnesses posted reports on social networking sites of buses filled with military personnel arriving in the center of the capital.

Russia sets presidential elections for March 2012

Once the decision has been published later Friday in the official parliamentary paper, parties will be allowed to nominate their candidates and the presidential campaign will officially be on.

Russia: Vladimir Putin booed in Moscow (VIDEO)

The jeers were edited out of footage played on later TV bulletins.

Russia: Putin advances Eurasian Union

MOSCOW — Backers admire the speed of progress; critics see a dangerous move to the imperialist past.

Russian finance minister resigns over Putin, Medvedev job swap

Medvedev said Kudrin's comments about the Kremlin's economic policy were "improper... and can in no way be justified." 

Gorbachev worried about Putin's "return" to Russian presidency

Former Soviet Union leader Gorbachev said that serious changes are needed in Russia.
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