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The kiss that rocked Bhutan

PUNAKHA — “Did he really just kiss her on the lips?” asked locals when Bhutan's king kissed his bride. People didn't know whether to be scandalized or excited. 

Wanderlust: Botswana, where cancer is the new AIDS

GABORONE – In a small trailer, a nurse applies vinegar – the cheapest kind they sell in local supermarkets – on her patient’s genitals.

Wanderlust: Behold the Peruvian butt pad

Is JLo doing for the behind what Pamela Anderson did for the front?

Wanderlust: Japan hugs it out, uneasily

Hugging classes help Japanese men becoming more devoted husbands.

Wanderlust: Penis worship in Bhutan

There is a spiritual foundation to all the phallic images in Bhutan.

Wanderlust: South Africa is Condom Nation

In South Africa, free condoms are big (but not big enough for some, it seems).
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