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It’s a cold, cold world: The lowest temperatures ever recorded on Earth

North America is one of the coldest places on Earth right now. But the sub-zero temperatures recorded in the United States and Canada over the past few days are nothing the planet hasn’t seen before. In fact, compared to the coldest Earth has ever got, the current weather is more of a brisk November day than a January face-freezer. Here’s the iciest our world has ever been. 

There's so much disturbing weather all over the world right now

So it got so hot in Denver this week that Wednesday they hit a record high of 68 degrees Farenheit.

Mexico sandwiched by deadly storms Ingrid, Manuel

MEXICO CITY — Deadly tropical rainstorms pounded Mexico with both left and right hooks Monday, killing dozens and flooding much of the country. Ingrid powered ashore as a hurricane before quickly weakening on the Gulf coast, killing as many as 20 people, 12 of them buried by a mudslide in Veracruz state. The remnants of Manuel deluged the Pacific resort city of Acapulco and the mountains along the coast above and below it, killing at least 16 people over the weekend.

Powerful tornadoes hit the Midwest

A powerful weather system has hit the Midwestern US, causing severe storms, property damage, and an outbreak of tornadoes in both Oklahoma and Kansas.

Video of the Day

In China, the sky is falling.
The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but this video out of China is still pretty stirring — especially ahead of the snowmageddon which is expected to slap the Northeast US in the face tomorrow morning.

Winter storm 'Nemo' headed for Northeast

Batten down the hatches, Northeasterners: a potentially massive winter storm is currently hurtling toward the region, and could dump a huge amount of snow in Boston and New York City.

Number of the Day: 8

An earthquake with the magnitude of 8.0 struck east of the Solomon Islands, prompting tsunami warnings across the Pacific.
Solomon IslandsEnlarge
The Solomon Islands (Google Maps/Screengrab)

Notes in a musical scale. 

Legs on an octopus.

Sides on a Stop sign.

Pints in a gallon.

The number of days a week needed for Lennon and McCartney to show they care.

Sadly, today's number of the day reflects the 8.0-magnitude earthquake that struck off the Solomon Islands earlier this morning.


More big storms likely for this year's hurricane season

Today the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicted 12 to 17 named storms will appear from June 1 to Nov. 30, according to the NOAA website. These are revised predictions. NOAA initially said 9 to 15 named storms would appear for this years Hurricane season. 

Tropical storm Ernesto may threaten Jamaica

Tropical Storm Ernesto may menace Jamaica this week, reported the Weather Channel, as hurricane season begins to amp up in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.

10 dead, mass power outages after thunderstorms in eastern states (UPDATES)

Governors in Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio have declared a state of emergency.
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