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French testicles at risk as Pacu fish makes its way down Seine River

Pacu testicle eating fish found near Paris.

German boy finds mummy in grandparents' attic

A mysterious mummy was discovered by a 10 year-old German boy searching his grandparents' attic last month.

Crocodile traps man on Australian island for 2 weeks

What would you take with you to a desert island? How about a gun to kill the crocodile that is holding you captive there? That's probably what a New Zealand tourist wanted after he spent two weeks trapped on a small island off Western Australia, being stalked by a crocodile.

Kangaroo fights dog (in water) in Australia (VIDEO)

A viral video showing a kangaroo fighting a dog has only worked to promote stereotypes of what rural Australian life is really like. Yet, instead of portraying kangaroos as cuddly, bouncy creatures, the video has played up the marsupial's feisty side. The video shows a dog and a kangaroo duking it out in water. The kangaroo, though trapped, seems to have the upper hand, nearly drowning the barking Great Dane.

First Sharknado, now sharks that can walk (VIDEO)

A new species of shark has been discovered in Indonesia that can "walk" on the ocean floor.

Canadian woman steals back her stolen bike in daring daylight ruse

A Canadian woman has made headlines recently after she took justice into her own hands and fooled a bike thief.

Single guys rarely change their bedsheets, new study says

Single men hardly ever change their bedsheets, according to a new study.
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