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Scientists create glow-in-the-dark rabbits (VIDEO)

Though the process is said to be harmless, the jelly-bunnies will pass down the mutant property to their offspring.

Badger uncovers medieval graves of warriors in Germany

A badger has been credited for unearthing two medieval tombs near Berlin.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford back in the spotlight for public drunkenness (VIDEO)

"Did I have a couple of beers? Absolutely I had a couple of beers. But you know what, I had a good time."

Fined for a license plate on his backpack

An Italian family received an unexpected fine in the mail recently after police cameras caught sight of an old license plate strapped to the backpack of a young man.

Assad's Instagram: Syrian president apparently joins the social media photo site

The account on the photo-sharing site was launched last week and features photos of the leader and his wife greeting and meeting Syrians around the country.
Syria's President Assad joined Instagram last week.

Dragon skull on Dorset, England beach PR stunt for Game of Thrones Season 3 (VIDEO)

The skull was found on the region's Jurassic coast, known for dinosaur fossil findings.
dragon head game of thronesEnlarge
A dragon's skull washed up on a beach in Dorset, England this week. (YouTube/Screengrab)
English swimmers were surprised this week to find a giant dragon's skull washed up on a beach in Dorset.

Beer guzzling contest in Spain leads to champion's death

A Spanish man is dead after winning a beer drinking competition, having drunk six liters in 20 minutes.

Cow falls through roof, crushes man in Brazil

A Brazilian man was killed this week after a cow fell through his roof crushing him and nearly killing his wife.
cow roof brazilEnlarge
Cows or killers? (Tristan McConnell/GlobalPost)
A man is crushed by a cow in Brazil after it falls through his roof.

Homeless Italian man sentenced to house arrest on the sidewalk

Domenico Codispoti must stay put on a section of the Via Vittor Pisani sidewalk from sunset to 7 a.m. the next morning.
A homeless Italian man will serve out his house arrest on a sidewalk in Milan. (JUSTIN SULLIVAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Italian police sentenced a serial offender to house arrest in Milan, but there's just one problem — he doesn't have a home.

Domenico Codispoti was instead ordered to serve out his sentence on a particular spot of sidewalk on the Via Vittor Pisani, in front of the city’s Stazione Centrale.


Snake burglary confuses Australian police. And everyone else

Turns out that snakes not only can now open doors, but they also can break and enter.
python australiaEnlarge
Australian police found that a weak-stomached python had broken into a charity shop in the country's northwest. (MALTE CHRISTIANS/AFP/Getty Images)
Police discovered that a snake had broken in to a charity shop in Australia.
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