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Dogs love their human parents the same way babies do

Researchers found that our dogs feel about human parents the same way a baby does.

Cocaine found stuffed in banana crate shipped from Colombia

The drugs were discovered at a Coop supermarket chain in Aarhus, apparently having been forgotten by drug smugglers.
cocaine bananasEnlarge
A large shipment of cocaine was discovered in a crate of bananas at a Coop supermarket chain in Aarhus, apparently having been forgotten by drug smugglers. (Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images)
Danish supermarket employees found a stash of 220 pounds of cocaine in a crate of bananas last week.

1984 by George Orwell sales spike after NSA surveillance leaks

As of Tuesday afternoon, the book jumped an incredible 3,100 percent to number 6 on Amazon's "movers and shakers" list.
1984 salesEnlarge
Sales of George Orwell's novel '1984' have spiked since the recent NSA surveillance leaks, with many people comparing the government's actions to those of 'Big Brother' in the novel. (Wikipedia/Wikimedia commons)
George Orwell's dystopian 1949 novel "1984" is currently experiencing a renaissance in light of the recent NSA surveillance leaks.

Coffee intoxication and withdrawal now considered mental disorders by psychiatrists

The latest edition of the the psychiatrist's handbook, the DSM, now describes the symptoms created by the caffeinated beverage as "intoxication."
coffee withdrawalEnlarge
Coffee intoxication and withdrawal are now considered mental disorders by psychiatrists. (Ralph Orlowski/AFP/Getty Images)
Coffee intoxication and withdrawal are now considered forms of mental disorder by psychiatrists.

Drug store in Canada sends customer post-apocalyptic response to flyer complaint

Andrew Gardner sent Shopper's Drug Mart an email complaining that he was receiving mail from the company for someone named Matthew.
Shoppers apocalypseEnlarge
Shopper's Drug Mart sent a customer a post-apocalyptic letter after he complained about wrongly being on the company's mailing list. (Wikipedia/Wikimedia commons)
A Canadian drug store chain sent a Toronto man a bizarre post-apocalyptic response to a complaint he sent the company.

Couples who met online are happier and healthier than their traditional counterparts, study says

Researchers from the University of Chicago, Harvard and Gestalt Research found that there has been a profound shift in how people meet their partners.
online marriageEnlarge
Online daters seem to be more satisfied with their partners and do better at marriage than those couples who met in a more traditional way. (Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images)
Couples who meet online are more satisfied with their relationships than those who met the traditional way - in person.

Amazing sheepdogs protect little penguins in Australia (VIDEO)

The canine bodyguards introduced to the island in 2006 have been so effective at their job that the penguin population has soared from 10 to about 200.
Sheepdog penguins australiaEnlarge
Italian sheepdogs on the remote Middle Island off of Australia have managed to protect a group of rare Penguins who faced extinction. (Wikipedia/Wikimedia commons)
Animals helping animals: that's what life is all about on a remote island off of southern Australia.

Llama on the loose tramples Florida police, gets tased (VIDEO)

Police used a taser to subdue the rogue llama after he busted out of his fenced in yard.
Llama on the lamEnlarge
An escaped llama was chased by Florida police before being tased and returned home. (FRANK LEONHARDT/AFP/Getty Images)
A Florida llama with a taste for freedom had to be tased before he could be captured and returned home.

Teen who built nuclear reactor for state science fair is disqualified

Farnsworth, 18, made headlines in his hometown Newcastle, Wyo. after he recently achieved nuclear fusion.
wyoming nuclear reactorEnlarge
This is what a nuclear reactor looks like. A teenager in Wyoming built one for a state science fair. What did you do today? (Ashley Pon/AFP/Getty Images)
Teen who built a nuclear reactor was disqualified from a state science fair for entering one too many competitions.

Hot pink slug adds to Australia's lengthy list of creepy animals

The giant hot pink slug was discovered by a park ranger on Mount Kaputar in New South Wales.
pink slugEnlarge
An Australian park ranger found a rare species of hot pink slug that blends in with dead eucalyptus leaves. (YouTube/Screengrab)
An Australian park ranger found a rare species of hot pink slug that blends in with dead eucalyptus leaves.
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