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Ikea monkey saga continues with court case, abuse allegations dropped

The sanctuary where Darwin the monkey is being held outside the city has dropped allegations that his former owner Yasmin Nakhuda abused him.
darwin ikea monkey courtEnlarge
The Ikea monkey saga continued in a Toronto court this week after the sanctuary where Darwin is being held has dropped allegations that his former owner Yasmin Nakhuda abused him. (Darling Darwin Monkey/Facebook)
The Ikea monkey saga that has gripped primates of every kind continued in a Toronto court this week.

Women underestimate sexual partners, while men exaggerate, says study

Researchers at the University of Ohio found that both men and women lie about their sexual experiences.
men exaggerate sexual partnersEnlarge
A new study shows that men and women lie about their sexual activities but just do it in opposite ways. (Sion Touhig/AFP/Getty Images)
A new study shows that both men and women lie about their sexual activities - just in different ways.

Two luxury melons in Japan sell for over $15,000 at auction

The buyer, a local fruit wholesaler, likely figures he can flip the luxurious fruits for even more.
yubari melonsEnlarge
A pair of Yubari cantaloupe melons fetched over $15,000 at auction in Japan on Friday - the third-highest price ever paid for the luxury fruit. (Wikipedia/Wikimedia commons)
Two cantaloupes in Japan were sold at auction for a jaw-dropping $15,000.

Canada's new money smells like maple syrup, Canadians say (VIDEO)

One redeeming quality of the new money is that it may smell like maple syrup when you scratch it.
maple syrup moneyEnlarge
Canadians think their new money smells like maple syrup when they scratch it... maybe they're just hungry. (Youtube/Screengrab)
Canadians think their money smells like maple syrup.

Pickpocket in Colombia smashed by bus while escaping (VIDEO)

The harrowing incident was caught by security cameras and shows the man trying to tear the purse from the woman's arms before he's struck.
colombia purse snatchEnlarge
A purse snatcher in Colombia proved that karma might exist after he's hit by a bus while trying to flee. (Youtube/Screengrab)
A Colombian purse snatcher at a bus depot in Bogota tried to escape after a failed bag snatching and was struck by a bus.

In search of ghosts, Australia man catches girlfriend and teen son in sexual act

The Tasmanian man had set up a camcorder in his kitchen to catch what he thought were ghosts roaming his home.
tasmania camcorder teenage sonEnlarge
An Australian man who set up a camcorder in his house to find ghosts may have found more than he bargained for. (Jean Ayissi/AFP/Getty Images)
An Australian man who had set up a video camera in his house to capture paranormal activity found more than he bargained for.

Jose Canseco under investigation for rape; tweets about accuser

Canseco then went on to tweet his apparent accuser's name, phone number and even a photo of her in a bikini.
jose canseco twitter rapeEnlarge
Former baseball player Jose Canseco is under investigation by Las Vegas police over reports that he raped a woman that he later tweeted about. (Nick Laham/AFP/Getty Images)
Former baseball star Jose Canseco tweeted this afternoon that he was under investigation for rape.

Longest python ever caught in Florida killed by local resident

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed that the snake was killed 10 days ago by local resident Jason Leon.
burmese python longestEnlarge
A Burmese python is seen on display at the registration event and press conference for the start of the 2013 Python Challenge on January 12, 2013 in Davie, Florida.The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and its partners launched the month long 2013 Python Challenge to harvest Burmese pythons in the Florida Everglades, a species that is not native to Florida.The contest features prizes of $1,000 for catching the longest snake and $1,500 for catching the most. (Joe Raedle/AFP/Getty Images)
A Miami man has killed the longest Python ever captured in Florida.

Filippino boy has 300 characters in his name thanks to dad

Three children from a Filippino family have 585 characters in their names between them.
philippines school enrolment nameEnlarge
Enrolling in school in the Philippines is a pain when your name is 300 characters long. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)
A Filippino father has worked hard to complicate his children's lives by giving them very lengthy names.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford crack cocaine video surfaces

Gawker broke the news that the video existed and the website's editor John Cook made the trip to Toronto to see it firsthand.
rob ford crackEnlarge
Toronto mayor Rob Ford is no stranger to controversy but a video surfacing of him hitting a crack pipe might just be enough to make his career go up in smoke. (Dennis Grombkowski/AFP/Getty Images)
A video has allegedly surfaced of the wacky mayor smoking crack cocaine and talking smack about other politicians.
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