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Fake New York Times editorial defending WikiLeaks, with Bill Keller byline, fools Times staff

The op-ed, titled "WikiLeaks, a Post Postscript," appears to have been published July 29 by the Times.

Wikileaks emails allege 'Stratfor spied on activists'

Wikileaks: Coke and Dow allegedly hired Stratfor to monitor PETA and others.
Wikileaks stratfor 2012 02 27Enlarge
This February 27, 2012 photo shows a screen from the Internet site Wikileaks. Wikileaks, which triggered an earthquake in 2010 in world diplomacy, said Monday it has begun the publication of more than five million emails to the American private intelligence and Stratfor strategic Analysis. Electronic messages, which spread from July 2004 to December 2011, reveal employment by Stratfor 'networks of informants, payment structures of bribes, wine, money laundering techniques and methods of psychological 'said a statement from Wikileaks. 'The documents show how a private company working in information and how it targets individuals for their private and government customers,' the statement added. (Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images)

According to Wikileaks, the first of five million emails it's releasing from servers belonging to global intelligence firm Stratfor suggest that the company was used by private corporations to monitor activist groups in the US and Canada.

The authenticity of the emails — reportedly obtained by Anonymous hackers and released early Monday morning — could not be independently verified.

They appear to show that Stratfor was contracted by Coca-Cola, Dow Chemical, and Union Carbide to monitor anti-corporate activists, The Yes Men and PETA.

The Yes Men were working to raise awareness concerning the Bhopal chemical disaster in India that took place in December of 1984, considered to be one of the world’s worst industrial catastrophes where thousands were killed in a toxic gas leak. 

Dow and Union Carbide sought to determine whether or not the 25th anniversary of the disaster would foment further anti-corporate sentiment  towards their companies. The emails detail personal information about Yes Men activists, public appearances, media releases made by the group, and general coverage of the group’s activities in news outlets. 


Wikileaks and Anonymous release "global intelligence files" from Stratfor

Wikileaks and Anonymous release 5 million emails from a global security firm.
Australia assange wikileaks 2011 4 20Enlarge
(Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images)

Wikileaks, the internet’s home for whistle-blowing and classified dumps, has begun publishing over five million emails from the “global intelligence” firm Stratfor. The emails were most likely obtained from when hacker collective Anonymous gained access to the Statfor’s servers last December in an unprecedented cooperation between the two whistle-blowing organizations.’s Threat Level blog has also reported that sources within Anonymous have stated that the hacker collective did indeed turn the hacked emails over to Wikileaks because the site was “more capable of analyzing and spreading the leaked information than Anonymous would be.”

On Monday morning, twitter account @AnonymousIRC began publishing a number of tweets linking Wikileaks to the hacker collective as the source of the hacked emails.


Bradley Manning nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2012

Despite his long list of charges, the parliamentary group The Movement of the Icelandic Parliament submitted a letter to the Nobel Peace Prize committee for the 2012 prize for his “individual effort to have an impact for peace in our world,” the letter stated.

Julian Assange to host chat show on Russia Today

MALMO, Sweden — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will host a talk show on Russia Today, the Kremlin-funded English language broadcaster, the group announced on Wednesday.

Julian Assange talk show: Coming soon, to Russian state TV? (VIDEO)

Wikileaks founder will reportedly film under house arrest.
Julian Assange TV show Russia TodayEnlarge
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange addresses the media as he leaves Belmarsh Magistrates' Court in London, Feb. 24, 2011. He's always been the retiring type. (BEN STANSALL/Getty Images)

First the play, now the TV show.

Julian Assange's latest venture will be his own talk show, according to a Wikileaks press release. The WikiLeaks founder will apparently host a "series of in-depth conversations with key political players, thinkers and revolutionaries from around the world."

The series will be broadcast on none other than the Russia Today network, Russia's state-funded English-language satellite channel.

According to RT's website, the show – breathlessly described as "arguably the most anticipated news series of 2012" – will feature 10 as yet secret guests, who will share their views on the theme, "the world tomorrow."


Bradley Manning appears in military court, lawyer accuses judge of bias

The WikiLeaks suspect appeared in the courtroom at the Fort Meade base dressed in military khaki and wearing black-rimmed glasses.

Julian Assange wins right to seek supreme court appeal

Two judges in London ruled Monday that Assange should be allowed to petition the Supreme Court to consider his case, on the grounds that it raised issues of "general public importance."

Wenzhou: home-grown Wikileaks

WENZHOU — For years, this coastal city has had its own heavily trafficked gossip website that has also become a valuable leaking ground for whistleblowers.
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