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Lady problems: world's strangest laws applied to women

Guess where women aren't legally allowed to drive while wearing a 'housecoat.'
Saudi arabia women drive 2012 02 06Enlarge
An Activist calling herself 'Aziza' defies a ban on women driving cars in Saudi Arabia, in a rare protest coordinated through social media under the banner "I will drive the car myself day". Still image taken from a video posted to YouTube on June 17, 2011 user "aziza134". (Youtube/YouTube)
Women's rights have advanced across the world, and legislation is catching up with the times. But not everywhere.

Youngest Delhi gang rape accused is convicted

NEW DELHI — The youngest man implicated in the Dec. 16 Delhi gang rape has been convicted of rape and murder and sentenced to three yeas in a reform facility — the maximum penalty allowed for criminals under 18 in India.

South Korea makes sex crime laws tougher

South Korea has toughed up its laws on sex offenders, and will now allow legal action against sexual offenders to go ahead even if the victim doesn't press charges.

Study finds majority of India rape victims knew their attacker

New data from India's National Crime Records Bureau revealed that victims knew their rapist in the majority of reported rape cases, shedding light on an assault epidemic that has elicited considerable international attention in the past few months.

Cherie Blair: Men still adjusting to powerful women at work

Cherie Blair, the wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, has said that there are still some people, even in Britain, adjusting to the growing presence of powerful women in important positions in society.

UK tourist jumps from balcony in Agra, India to escape rape

A UK tourist in India was injured early on March 19th after she jumped from a balcony in Agra to escape an attempted sexual assualt.

'Glass ceiling' index from Economist concludes New Zealand tops for working women

Working women of the world, take note: the Economist's new "glass ceiling index" indicates that you may want to consider booking a flight for New Zealand.

Female retail workers in Saudi Arabia to be separated from male colleagues by a wall

Women may be allowed to work in certain retail stores in Saudi Arabia circa 2013, but they're still subject to unusual restrictions — as evidenced by authorities recent decision to require shop owners to construct a physical wall to separate male and female staff.

Women in combat, at home and abroad (PHOTOS)

On the news that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's lifted the military ban on women in combat, GlobalPost took a look at women's wartime roles around the world.

Six women murdered Wednesday in Guatemala

Six women were killed on Wednesday in separate incident in Guatemala, including three minors, report authorities.
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