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Clerics in Saudi Arabia come out to protest appointment of women to Shura Council (VIDEO)

A group of Saudi Arabian clerics protested outside the Royal Court in Riyadh on Tuesday, railing against King Abdullah's surprising decision to appoint 30 women to the Middle Eastern nation's Consultative Council for the first time ever.

Women appointed to Saudi Arabia's Consultative Council for the first time ever

Thirty women have been appointed to Saudi Arabia's Consultative Council, marking the first time that they have been allowed to serve in the decision-making body.

Delhi plans to hire 2,508 new policewomen, as backlash from gang rape continues in capital city

Delhi's police force has announced it intends to hire, 2,508 new female police officers, on the heels of an announcement that female police would be made available at all 180 police stations in the Indian capital.

Beate Sirota Gordon, American woman who helped to write the Japanese constitution, dies at the age of 89

Who gets a chance to write a constitution at the age of 22 — and change the course of history for an entire nation of women? American Beate Sirota Gordon, who died on Sunday at the age of 89 in Manhattan, was given just that chance when she wrote women's rights into the 1946 post-war Japanese Constitution.

Indonesian city demands women not 'straddle' motorbikes

"When you see a woman straddle, she looks like a man. But if she sits side-saddle, she looks like a woman," Mayor Suaidi Yahya told the BBC.
Indonesia australia 11 20 11Enlarge
Motorists inch their way in a heavy traffic in Sumatra, Indonesia, on November 19, 2011. (Ted Aljibe/AFP/Getty Images)
Are you a woman in the Indonesian city of Lhokseumawe? Be forewarned: female passengers now are only permitted to ride motorcycles side-saddle, as local authorities have concluded that "straddling" the bikes is a violation of Shariah law.

Iran: Woman beats up cleric for telling her to cover up

An Iranian woman got so mad at being told to dress "modestly" by a cleric that she put him in hospital.
Iran women bad hijabEnlarge
Some Iranian women are getting really fed of up of being told what to wear. (ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images)
Bad hijab? Come over here and say that.

Saudi Arabia plans women-only city

Saudi Arabia has decided to approach the problem of women and Sharia law in a novel way: plans are afoot to construct an all-female city, geared towards working women, reported

Thousands of Indian women coerced into unneeded hysterectomies

The Central Indian state of Chhattisgarh is investigating allegations that hundreds of women had unneeded hysterectomie so doctors might collect on insurance claims, reported the BBC today.

Incoming Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announces pregnancy

Yahoo has hired 37-year-old Google veteran Marissa Mayer as its new CEO — and she's pregnant. Mayer was one of Google's earliest employees and helped create such overwhelmingly popular products as Gmail, Google News and Google Images.

Women's affairs official in Afghanistan murdered by car bomb

Afghan women's fight for equal rights was dealt another major blow Friday by the bloody car bomb death of a regional head of women's affairs, Reuters reported.
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