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Will slaves build Qatar's World Cup?

BRUSSELS — After years playing soccer in Switzerland, Malaysia and the lower echelons of the French league, Zahir Belounis' career seemed headed to a lucrative high when he signed up to play for the Eljaish club in Qatar. Life in the gas-rich Gulf emirate however, soon turned sour for the French striker. Belounis says his salary has been withheld for almost two years.

How Qatar spends its billions

When it was announced that Qatar would host the 2022 World Cup, many in the international community were taken aback. To them, Qatar and its capital Doha still represented an economically backward desert area incapable of keeping up with booming growth centers like Rio de Janeiro or Shanghai.

World Cup 2022: Qatar considers not serving alcohol

Qatar is debating whether or not it will serve alcohol at the 2022 World Cup, said a senior official in charge of the football championship.

World Cup 2022: Can Qatar handle a drunken invasion?

DOHA — Last December, Qatar triumphed over heavily favored contenders Great Britain and the United States when it landed the 2022 World Cup, but now the real challenge begins.
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