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Economic growth pulls Rwandans out of poverty

KIGALI — Increasing economic growth between 2006 and 2011 pulled Rwandans from poverty at a rate six times faster than the previous five years. The number of Rwanda's 11 million people living in poverty dropped from 57 to 45 percent in that time.

Promises, pitfalls await investors in Burma’s frontier economy

BANGKOK — Burma, sealed off from Western investors by a thick shell of sanctions, could be open for business as soon as this year. But even if the US Congress and White House stay on course, and finally reward the authoritarian state’s recent reforms by cracking that shell, what will investors find underneath?

Tough times for Australian billionaires

BRISBANE — Australia's treasurer has accused some of the country's richest citizens of using their wealth to influence national affairs.

Chinese cars, made in Bulgaria

SOFIA, Bulgaria — Chinese auto manufacturers have been trying for the last several years to break into the European market, without success.

Germany battles over the future of solar energy

BERLIN — In a sense, Germany’s solar energy policy is a victim of its own success.

Top India CEO warns of slowdown

NEW DELHI — Leading CEO tells US executives it's easier to sell to Latin America or Russia or Hungary than to India.

Has Israel's regional isolation helped protect its economy?

JERUSALEM — With Spain, Italy and Greece's financial systems tottering, Israel's buoyant and growing economy, alone among those of the Mediterranean basin, remains something of a startling apparition.

Peru, Latin America's hidden growth story

LIMA — No Latin American or Caribbean economy grew more than Peru during the decade to 2011, with an average annual GDP increase of around 5.75 percent.

3D printing: A stepping stone to new human tissue and body parts

Brussels — Poukens’ Belgian-Dutch team achieved a medical first by using a 3D printer to create an exact replica of the patient’s jawbone made from powered titanium.
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