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Eight killed in attack on south Yemen army base

Four soldiers also went missing after the raid on the Lahj province barracks by gunmen armed with automatic rifles and anti-tank weapons.

Artillery shells hit funeral tent in Yemen, killing 19

"Thirteen people have died, among them three children" a medic from Al-Nasr hospital told Agence France-Presse.

Al-Qaeda apologizes for Yemen hospital attack

Leader Qassim al-Raimi said the attackers were told not to target the hospital and mosque in an attack on a Yemeni Ministry of Defense compound in Sanaa on Dec. 5, and that one attacker made a mistake in targeting the hospital.

'I cannot live with my family anymore — my work puts them in danger'

Commentary: Despite new press freedoms since 2012, Yemen is becoming a country where expressing an opinion can get you killed.
Yemen journalists media kilingsEnlarge
Yemeni Interior Minister Abdel Qader Qahtan (C) answers journalists' questions outside the central prison compound on June 2, 2013 in Sanaa, Yemen. The Freedom Foundation, a Yemeni non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting press freedom, documented 260 separate instances in 2012 in which journalists faced harassment and threats — even forced disappearance and attempted murder. (Stringer/AFP/Getty Images)
“Much as I miss them, I cannot live with my family anymore – my work puts them in danger,” Mohammed al-Rubaa, the 27-year-old host of a popular political satire TV show in Yemen told me earlier this year. “The reality is that I entered a profession that may lead to a very short life." Since a transitional government took office in Yemen in February 2012, there has been an alarming rise in attacks on journalists. Al-Rubaa was just one of 15 journalists to tell me that he receives regular death threats because of his work. Many put on a brave face and said they’ve received so many threats they no longer take them seriously.

Yemen's PM unhurt after gunmen open fire on motorcade, aide says

An aide to Yemen's Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Basindwa said the premier escaped unharmed after gunmen shot at his motorcade. Ali al-Sarari, an adviser to Basindwa, said unidentified attackers opened fire on the motorcade in the evening while Basindwa was returning home from his office in Sanaa. 

Yemen bus blast kills air force personnel

A bus carrying Yemeni air force personnel was bombed as it traveled in the capital Sanaa on Sunday.

Al Qaeda in Yemen threatens more prison breaks to free militants

Al Qaeda's Yemen faction is working to free jailed militants as soon as possible, according to a statement posted online by Nasser al-Wuhayshi, a co-founder of the Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

US drone strike kills 2 Al Qaeda suspects in Yemen

“We strongly condemn the drones,” Fadl Abdullah, head of the Yemeni Organization for Human Rights, told the AP on Friday, before the latest strike. “There are strong chances that civilians get killed in the middle of the strike, either because they are present at the site of the attack or simply because of wrong information provided by the informants.”

Chatter: Yemen says it spoiled Al Qaeda's big surprise

Yemen claims to have foiled a plot to blow up oil pipelines and seize ports, Kenya's biggest airport is shut down by fire, Egypt's crisis talks fail, and the Curiosity rover is dancing with itself.
Graphic. (Antler Agency/GlobalPost)
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