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Obama mama
While most of the world is glad Barack Obama won, it isn't partying like it's 2008.

It wasn't only Americans who were glued to their TV sets, watching election returns trickle in on Tuesday night. The world was watching too. And while in most places people were glad that President Barack Obama won, they weren't really partying like it was 2008. From Israel to Venezuela and Hong to Canada, GlobalPost found very mixed feelings.

Romney pensacola
Hugo Chavez supporters back Barack Obama, while some of the strongman's enemies in Venezuela favor Chavez-bashing Republican Mitt Romney.
Egypt obama election
Egyptians say Obama has failed to deliver on his promises of peace. But they also say Romney would have been worse.
Hong kong barack obama wins 2012 11 07
Netizens note the stark contrast between noisy US elections and China's state of lockdown before Thursday's transition.
Mexico election view 2012_11_07
Mexicans welcomed US President Barack Obama’s election victory — and Colorado and Washington's fresh dent in the drug war.

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