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calamity lead
Forget the debate over climate change. As a yearlong GlobalPost investigation makes painfully clear, calamity is already upon us.

BOSTON — Forget the science. Forget the politics. To tens of millions of people around the world, the debate over climate change is pointless. For them, calamity has already arrived. To help understand the breadth, depth and scope of climate change — and what it means to the people living through it — GlobalPost's award-winning team of correspondents and videographers spent much of 2013 investigating this global phenomenon, assessing the environmental, economic and political costs.

Greenland iceberg
Scientist Paul Mayewski: Climate changes is happening and we have to adapt.
madascar lemur 2013 11 4
Climate change is rendering life impossible for these tiny, charismatic primates.
CC Amazon Still
Climate change is wreaking havoc on the world's largest rainforest. This scientist and his airplane are tracking the destruction.
Himalayan tsunami uttarakhand stranded victims
Last summer more than 6,000 died after glacial melt cascaded through valleys. Scientists expect such disasters to become more common.