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Syria bashar al assad damascus 2012 7 18
The dramatic assassination of top Syrian security chiefs comes as the regime’s support crumbles from within.

BEIRUT – In the hours after the biggest security breach in the Assad dictatorship’s four-decade rule, the Syrian regime took to the airwaves in a desperate quest to reassure supporters. But insiders tell GlobalPost that the damage is already done.

Syria uprising assad end game
The assassination of Assad’s brother-in-law, along with two senior generals, is a “tremendous blow.”
Israel military commanders syria collapse assad
Israel fears collapse of Syrian regime could mean a second volatile border and increased jihadist threat.
Tahrir square jan 25
The Damascus bombing that killed top Syrian officials met with both joy and skepticism among Syrian activists.
Syria allawite state 2012 7 16
Syria insiders say Assad's regime is driving Sunnis east as it tries to carve out a breakaway Allawite state.